How Do I Find My Family?

How do I find my family? How can I find out what has happened to them and where I am from? What can I do about finding my family when we have lost touch? Is there anyone who can help me to find my family? What tools and resources can I utilize in order to find my family? A website such as Find My Family is a fun, easy and fast solution to these questions.

The desire to learn of one's origins and get in touch with blood relations is natural and shared by many. Find My Family is a genealogy website designed to assist users with the tasks of creating family trees and locating lost or misplaced family members. Find My Family can help simplify the overwhelming task of genealogical research.

Finding My Family: How My Family Became Separated

The population today is larger than ever before, and yet families are becoming increasingly fragmented. Families are moving from the traditional model of an extended family to those that are nuclear. People leave home and travel further than ever before for employment and education. Adoptions take place not only across state lines, but across international boundaries as well. Family members move apart and lose track of one another. When one or both parties are moving frequently, there is a good chance that they will be unable to keep track of each other as addresses and phone numbers change.

Maybe your mother or father moved away from their family at a young age, and later married to find their own family. Alternatively, maybe a member of your family became estranged from the rest. Many things happen to separate families. People lose touch or pass away. Even natural disasters can intervene. Once that vital contact information is lost, it can be difficult or even impossible to replace or relocate. Find My Family wants to help you get back in touch.

Yet another reason for being interested in genealogy may stem from a desire to learn about your distant past. Who were your ancestors and where did they come from? Are you related to anyone historically interesting, relevant, famous or important? How do you go about finding your family from the past?

Finding My Family: The Solution

Have you asked: What if I don't know how to go about finding my family? If you do not know anything about your family, then start with what you do know. You are the most fundamental key to who you are. The information that you can provide may be exactly what you need to begin your genealogical research. Ask yourself:

The answer to all of the above is an unequivocal "Yes." It is not only possible but also probable that delving into your personal past and what you do know of your family can provide important genealogical clues to finding your family. Then, armed with as much as you can glean from within, you are prepared to turn to the outside world in your quest to trace your lineage.

Find My Family: Suggested Tools

You might wonder, "How do I find my family when forces have conspired to separate us?" There are a number of useful tools that can aid a person attempting to research their family history. Find My Family can guide you through the various tools you might use to locate your relatives. Find your family using:

Using Family Trees to Find My Family:

How do I use a family tree to find my family? A family tree is a genealogical chart that maps the relationships, ancestry, and descent of the members of a family or related group. A family tree provides an intuitive method of keeping track of your family at a glance.

When constructing a family tree, the natural place to start is with you. Create entries for your parents to chart your ancestry, for your siblings, and for your children to chart descent. The most fundamental family tree should have spaces to record full names, birth dates, date of deaths, and other important information.

Using Historical Records to Find My Family:

How do I use historical records to find my family? Historical records are documents or other written records that track important events within one's family. These sorts of documents include: birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates, immigration records, census records, etc. Historical records can be a vital means of establishing time lines and relationships between people.

Life is a series of events, and the major ones are usually documented with written records. When a person is born, registers for school, graduates college, marries, has children, divorces, moves, and dies, there are records of the event.

Find My Family contains helpful links to "Family Tree Maker" software that is available for purchase through the website. Find My Family can connect researchers to databases that contain millions of individual records for finding and expanding upon family trees.

Using Family History Research to Find My Family:

How do I use family history research to find my family? It is not cheating to use the family history research of others for your own benefit. Genealogy is a widely popular hobby, especially with the advent of the Internet. Perhaps another member of your family has already begun the research; take whatever is available and build on it.

Libraries, particularly those belonging to churches and genealogical societies and historical foundations, may provide you with books or papers compiled by like-minded researchers.

Using Online Resources to Find My Family:

How do I use online resources to find my family? The Internet has facilitated the growth of all kinds of online resources such as Find My Family. Online resources allow people from across the globe – peaking different languages and living in different nations - to connect.

Online resources encompass a large number of different forums. There are websites, email lists, chat groups, and databases dedicated to the compilation of genealogy information. Find My Family is precisely the sort of gateway guide that a person new to genealogy needs to provide crucial initial orientation to the world of family trees and location.

Using Volunteer Organizations to Find My Family:

How do I use volunteer organizations to find my family? There are a great many volunteer organizations that are dedicated to the study of genealogy. Some are tied to a particular surname, location or even historical event. Many maintain a presence online and have helpful and knowledgeable members.

Churches in particular are an excellent non-profit resource that can be utilized for the research of historical documents. For centuries, churches have kept meticulous birth, marriage and death records on their members.

Using Genetics to Find My Family:

How do I use genetics to find my family? When in doubt, genetics are a means of establishing a relationship between two individuals with almost absolute certainty. Modern science has facilitated the development of genetics tests for private individuals using blood analysis.

Genetic testing can provide an interesting array of information that the researcher might not have otherwise possessed. Genetics have been linked to ethnicity and can be used to prove the relationships between individuals with a high degree of probability.

Why use Find My Family?

Find My Family is a website that features a family tree and location resource. Find My Family is easy to use and provides the tools you need to get started on your genealogy research right away. The online guide provides a walk through on constructing a family tree, and the site also offers a free family search guide containing advice on the most effective techniques for finding member's of one's family.

Find My Family is a comprehensive resource for conducting genealogical research into the historical roots of one's family. Find My Family's broad spectrum of tools includes those for creating family trees and a guide on performing searches with tips designed to allow you to optimize your genealogical search.

Find My Family can provide a valuable opportunity for a person to document their family history for future generations. It is a fun and interesting activity to share with one's children, and a means of bonding with both parents and grandparents. Find My Family can bring not only distant family together, but also immediate family.

Find My Family can be your path to exciting discoveries about you and your family. Imagine discovering that your musical talent can be traced back to a great musician like Ray Charles, or perhaps your son's inventiveness is shared with an ancestor like Ben Franklin. Perhaps your daughter is a great runner like Jesse Owens, or maybe your nephew who has an eye for mischief and adventure gets it all from Jesse James. The possibilities are endless with Find My Family.