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Many people have been wondering about Find My Family. Here are a few things about Find My Family that can be helpful for you in your family history search. Understanding everything about find My Family and why we are here helps you while you are doing your genealogy.

We are a website that is dedicated to helping people uncover family history records and helping them understand genealogical research. We have links to some of the best family history resources on the Web and give updated information on how to make the most of your genealogical research.

Family Search Tools

A starters guide to finding their family. We provide you with step by step directions on the best way to find your family.
A complete guide on how to find your family history. Family history is the core of your family tree and full of interesting information.
Creating a family tree is a fun and interesting way to build your family history. Learn how to make a family tree with our online guide.

Family Search Services

We offer helpful hints for beginners and for more advanced genealogists, so you can find what you need to do your genealogical work. Of all the things you should know about Find My Family, the most important is that we share the passion for genealogy with you. We are a site that helps beginners establish a fun, rewarding hobby and helps keep the expert's flame and passion for genealogy burning with new ideas.

One thing about Find My Family is that we are continually adding new resources to benefit those who visit our site. When you are learning about Find My Family, you are not just learning about Find My family but learning about Family history. We know how difficulty genealogical research can be and we want to be here to help make it fun, rewarding, and a little bit easier.

How to Use Our Website

FindMyFamily.com is here to help make the process much smoother. We have created an easy to navigate website that is full of helpful resources that will aid you in your family history. These resources have been able to help millions of people uncover their past and establish an in-depth record of their family history. Another feature about Find My Family is that we know where the best information is on family history. Whether you only want to create a simple family tree or something deeper, the resources are here.

Don't forget about Find My Family's helpful links to sites such as Ancestry.com, because these sites will give you many of the names you will need to finish your family history record. They have endless amounts of resources and knowledge that that will be able to give you the names and dates you have been trying to find for years. That is what you need to know about Find My Family, we have many other resources for you to use to further you family history.

Building Out Your Family History

Remember about Find My Family when you are looking for information on your family history and spread the word to your friends. They can learn about Find My Family and the fun of genealogy. Our resources will be some of the most important to you, or your friends, when doing your family history search. Learn all about Find My Family here on our site.

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